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The Kitchen

One of the things that I find very therapeutic is to cook or bake. Iโ€™m not much of a cooker before I lived alone (even the first two years, because I was living in a dorm), but I have to say Iโ€™ve found my ways through it, teaching myself how to cook, thanks YouTube videos and watching my mum and dad cook in the past. I am one of those people who learn from doing and observing, so it was not too bad (and not too disastrous) when I first started cooking.

Post-Semester Cleaning

Finally, the time has come… Yes, as the title says it all, I’ve taken today as cleaning day!!! When probably I should be cleaning my place much more frequently, but what can I say, it gets really hard to juggle having to go to uni and cleaning my own place (and maybe laziness took over me most of the time). I say this because doing studying full-time is like having an occupation, or even worse. At least when you’re working, you get to leave the work at its place when it’s the weekend (of course, depending on your job). However, when you’re studying, you bring it with you at home and in your mind at ALL times. Back in my architecture days, it is often we joke that the work-load consumes us (but trust me, deep inside, we all know it’s not a joke. Now I have at least tried to organise my time better so that I get to separate ‘uni’ to ‘me’ time. As messy as I am, not going to lie or …