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The First Interview

After having gone through 3 weeks of my winter break looking for a job and waiting for someone to get back, I finally had 2 companies write back to me (out of the 10 that I applied to)! Not going to lie, I was starting to lose hope on even applying to any, due to the length of time they would get back to me.


Welcome to adult life. I have decided that this winter break off uni to not go on holiday back home, and instead to find a job and fill my time so that I could fill up my CV. With my degree in the past, I get so caught up and consumed with school work that I forgot experiences outside of uni is just as important to life post-uni days. Now that I have more time in hand, (or at least studying something that is not as consuming and that I enjoy much more) I am able to find time to do things outside class and try to balance and enjoy having the two at a time. I am looking forward to applying what I’ve learnt within class into the real world. Nervous and excitement fills me as I look for opportunities one by one online. At this point, I really don’t mind anything that comes by. Whether it’s a job at the office, restaurant, shopping centre, wherever it may be, I JUST WANT EXPERIENCE!!! It …