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The Kitchen

One of the things that I find very therapeutic is to cook or bake. I’m not much of a cooker before I lived alone (even the first two years, because I was living in a dorm), but I have to say I’ve found my ways through it, teaching myself how to cook, thanks YouTube videos and watching my mum and dad cook in the past. I am one of those people who learn from doing and observing, so it was not too bad (and not too disastrous) when I first started cooking.

Staying active

So… Let’s talk about exercise! I always tell myself to keep healthy by eating well, sleeping early, to exercise, but I’m not going to lie, it does get difficult at times. I know… Blaming my busy uni days for not getting my butt off the couch is not a legit reason not to exercise! But it does get difficult when your mind gets really tired and all you want to do is eat a burger and binge watch a series. To tackle the busy (and lazy) days, I usually opt for long walks to sub for my exercises. It does not seem much, but I mean walking for around 30 minutes or more each there, instead of using the bus to go places. This is definitely suitable for days that are more relaxed and when I don’t need to get somewhere at a certain time. I also find this very helpful to relax the mind! So for all you busy-bodies, this would at least stop your brain from all the thinking or you can let …