Author: Rani Saraswati

The First Interview

After having gone through 3 weeks of my winter break looking for a job and waiting for someone to get back, I finally had 2 companies write back to me (out of the 10 that I applied to)! Not going to lie, I was starting to lose hope on even applying to any, due to the length of time they would get back to me.

The Kitchen

One of the things that I find very therapeutic is to cook or bake. I’m not much of a cooker before I lived alone (even the first two years, because I was living in a dorm), but I have to say I’ve found my ways through it, teaching myself how to cook, thanks YouTube videos and watching my mum and dad cook in the past. I am one of those people who learn from doing and observing, so it was not too bad (and not too disastrous) when I first started cooking.


Welcome to adult life. I have decided that this winter break off uni to not go on holiday back home, and instead to find a job and fill my time so that I could fill up my CV. With my degree in the past, I get so caught up and consumed with school work that I forgot experiences outside of uni is just as important to life post-uni days. Now that I have more time in hand, (or at least studying something that is not as consuming and that I enjoy much more) I am able to find time to do things outside class and try to balance and enjoy having the two at a time. I am looking forward to applying what I’ve learnt within class into the real world. Nervous and excitement fills me as I look for opportunities one by one online. At this point, I really don’t mind anything that comes by. Whether it’s a job at the office, restaurant, shopping centre, wherever it may be, I JUST WANT EXPERIENCE!!! It …

Staying active

So… Let’s talk about exercise! I always tell myself to keep healthy by eating well, sleeping early, to exercise, but I’m not going to lie, it does get difficult at times. I know… Blaming my busy uni days for not getting my butt off the couch is not a legit reason not to exercise! But it does get difficult when your mind gets really tired and all you want to do is eat a burger and binge watch a series. To tackle the busy (and lazy) days, I usually opt for long walks to sub for my exercises. It does not seem much, but I mean walking for around 30 minutes or more each there, instead of using the bus to go places. This is definitely suitable for days that are more relaxed and when I don’t need to get somewhere at a certain time. I also find this very helpful to relax the mind! So for all you busy-bodies, this would at least stop your brain from all the thinking or you can let …

Post-Semester Cleaning

Finally, the time has come… Yes, as the title says it all, I’ve taken today as cleaning day!!! When probably I should be cleaning my place much more frequently, but what can I say, it gets really hard to juggle having to go to uni and cleaning my own place (and maybe laziness took over me most of the time). I say this because doing studying full-time is like having an occupation, or even worse. At least when you’re working, you get to leave the work at its place when it’s the weekend (of course, depending on your job). However, when you’re studying, you bring it with you at home and in your mind at ALL times. Back in my architecture days, it is often we joke that the work-load consumes us (but trust me, deep inside, we all know it’s not a joke. Now I have at least tried to organise my time better so that I get to separate ‘uni’ to ‘me’ time. As messy as I am, not going to lie or …