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The First Interview

Finally landing myself on an internship this past week, I’ve finally decided to write on my experience of being an inexperienced person trying to gain experience from a job (good God, I hope that sentence is not too confusing!). I’ve decided to split this into two posts, one of my interview and another on my first week. So… here we go!

After having gone through 3 weeks of my winter break looking for a job and waiting for someone to get back, I finally had 2 companies write back to me (out of the 10 that I applied to)! Not going to lie, I was starting to lose hope on even applying to any, due to the length of time they would get back to me. Sometimes, I don’t even know whether they have received my application or have found someone for the position. Bottom line is, I wish companies would realise (no matter whether it’s a big or small one) how horrifying it is to keep someone waiting and please just write back, even if it’s a rejection. At least from there, one can move on (sounds a lot like relationships eh?).

Anyways, I received those emails and I can’t even explain the joy of having someone write back in words!!! It was definitely exhilarating! I am pretty sure anyone out there who has tried applying for anything (uni, visa, work etc.) would know the sudden relief hearing back from the place you have applied something for. It just releases you from this pause or say a ‘plateau’ phase where you are just static and nothing much is happening.

One of the two got back to me again saying they have found someone else, and the other said they were interested in meeting me. Fortunately, it was one of the companies that I was more keen on since what they do was of my interest and thought that would keep me going much better. I quickly responded to it saying I was more than happy to meet them and this could possibly be the start of the interesting journey of my interview.

First of all, let me give you a tip:

  1. Always respond with a more open ended response so that there is more chance of them responding back to you, confirming the meeting.
  2. Wait until the respond again, before you get too excited…

Now you might think this is common sense, but sometimes… when you’re too excited and giddy like me, you forget! I got super sweaty, nervous, yet excited when I got the email and responded. It was probably my mistake to respond when having an adrenaline rush, but oh well… CAN’T CONTAIN THE EXCITEMENT!!!

So, being the silly me, I responded agreeing to the meeting without having any of their contact numbers or knowing what they looked like and pretty much saying ‘cool!’. It only came to my attention when they didn’t respond to my response and it was getting closer to the meeting date. I just became more and more unsure and thought what the heck have I done and wondered if I wrecked it… You’re probably now thinking either I’m overreacting/over thinking things or that I actually am in trouble and no response back mean that they never got my response. I thought I’ll calm myself and just go there, see what happens, maybe they will contact me on the day!

The day finally arrived and I made my way through to where I was supposed to meet the interviewer. I sat at the cafe, heart slowly sinking, somehow knowing that they won’t show up. Ordered a coffee, thought I’d wait half an hour. Then someone came sitting next to me, like the next 5 minutes. She was, too, by herself, and came asking to me whether I was someone else (which happen to be my interviewer’s name). I got really confused and thought ‘she must be having the interview as well like me’, so I told her my story. We got to chatting and started doubting how real the interview was and wondered what was happening. In the end, we were both got stood up but we tried emailing the company with customer support emails provided on their website. So I made my way to the bus stop, intending to go back home.

Few minutes down the road, whilst I was ranting to my bf about the incident, I received an email back from the interviewer saying she never got my email but is happy to meet me then at a place close by! I was happy and exhilarated again (gosh I get easily excited haha!) and went power walking to the new place. You’re probably thinking here ‘girl, you don’t want to be working with someone unreliable like that’, which was what I thought too, but I also thought of giving it a chance since I’m really looking forward to it!

Went over and good God… I fell in love!!! For starters, she started by talking about the fonts that I used. To give you some context, I LOVE fonts, papers, graphic design, layouts, anything that has clean aesthetics… I can go on and on!!! But to finally find someone who is as nerdy as me at it, was like a match made in heaven! Long story short, I felt that she had the same views on things as me, we got along well, felt like we had a similar vibe or like meeting an old friend. It just clicked! Unfortunate news of the meeting was that I was hoping that it would be a paid opportunity, but it wasn’t. So I had to give it a think before anything happens.

My considerations/post-interview experience could probably be discussed on another post, or after the duration of my internship to see whether my decisions were good or bad. But there it is!! The experience of my first interview. I would definitely say, depending on the type of company you’re interviewing with and setting, just take the interview itself easy, don’t put too much pressure on yourself that you get all nervous, and just be yourself! I believe the best asset you have is you and your skills, and it would shine best if you’re not pretending to be something you’re not!

Let me know if you have any interesting experience on an interview or when finding a job!

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Hi! I’m a 20-something Sydney-sider who’s trying to figure out her life one step at a time. I’m an ex-architecture student (but forever architect at heart) and is currently pursuing my studies in Commerce, and yes… it’s entirely different. I am all about experimenting and trying new things, which I find is the best way to enrich myself starting from this young age. Like any other in their 20s, life is like a puzzle and everyday is just about trying to survive and figure out what it’s all about! So, the posts you find here would probably be about the exciting things I encounter and the struggles I go through, hoping it’ll help someone out there (or at least be relatable so that they know someone else is experiencing it too). R

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