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Welcome to adult life. I have decided that this winter break off uni to not go on holiday back home, and instead to find a job and fill my time so that I could fill up my CV. With my degree in the past, I get so caught up and consumed with school work that I forgot experiences outside of uni is just as important to life post-uni days. Now that I have more time in hand, (or at least studying something that is not as consuming and that I enjoy much more) I am able to find time to do things outside class and try to balance and enjoy having the two at a time. I am looking forward to applying what I’ve learnt within class into the real world.

Nervous and excitement fills me as I look for opportunities one by one online. At this point, I really don’t mind anything that comes by. Whether it’s a job at the office, restaurant, shopping centre, wherever it may be, I JUST WANT EXPERIENCE!!! It is so stressful to get as much application out and see what comes by you. It’s like applying for university all over again… nervous, excitement… The struggles of trying to sell yourself, yet to not sound vain, is something that I am consistently working on (and hoping not to come out as awkward instead). Having a lot of time during this break has definitely motivated me to get busy and I’m hoping to hear back from one of the applied ones soon. Hopefully they find my cover letter attractive enough for them to be interested in having me around to help out!

The struggle… is real…

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Hi! I’m a 20-something Sydney-sider who’s trying to figure out her life one step at a time. I’m an ex-architecture student (but forever architect at heart) and is currently pursuing my studies in Commerce, and yes… it’s entirely different. I am all about experimenting and trying new things, which I find is the best way to enrich myself starting from this young age. Like any other in their 20s, life is like a puzzle and everyday is just about trying to survive and figure out what it’s all about! So, the posts you find here would probably be about the exciting things I encounter and the struggles I go through, hoping it’ll help someone out there (or at least be relatable so that they know someone else is experiencing it too). R

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