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Hello Winter Break!

Wooooo! I have entered freedom as I finish my last exam of the semester last night!!! I am very happy and relieved that exam week is over and am looking forward to the winter break to do all the exciting things that I couldn’t whilst the semester is on.

For someone who has not had exams or extensive readings in her studies for the last 4 years, I am quite impressed and proud of myself with what I was able to do this past 15 weeks. As previously having done architecture, studying commerce was brand new to me (not entirely concept-wise, but as for uni, it is new!). I had to learn a new style of studying and getting much more organised as it was heavy with reading and memorising concepts/theories, unlike architecture (project-heavy based). I had to re-learn strategies of overcoming exams, as I haven’t written essays in a very looooong time. Surprisingly I was not as nervous as I thought I would be doing the final exams, maybe due to the fact that I did the mid-terms and prepared quite well-ahead with it. With this said, writing essays, or writing generally, was difficult to get used to. I did not realised that having not formulatted words in a long time made it a struggle to write properly and concisely.

Team projects were not a walk in the park either and that it came shocking to me what people were like (or at least it made me even question society!! I am quite the introvert though, maybe this could be the issue). It was quite surprising to find how different people’s characters were within different courses – which I would get into in a different post.

With the semester over, I can’t wait to see what opportunities would come in this break! This post is just a start to my daily challenge in this break to write and reflect daily on my thoughts as a creative exercise. This was inspired by a post on ‘What are morning pages?’ that I read of Little Coffee Fox. It is a great website to get inspiration on how to get organised or on doing bullet journals. I would also be looking into any job opportunities this holiday, excited to get my hands on working experiences (life is getting serious once you are close to your mid 20s). Enjoy listening to my joys, excitement, rants and woes of my life as I try to survive being independent, juggling everything in my life!

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Hi! I’m a 20-something Sydney-sider who’s trying to figure out her life one step at a time. I’m an ex-architecture student (but forever architect at heart) and is currently pursuing my studies in Commerce, and yes… it’s entirely different. I am all about experimenting and trying new things, which I find is the best way to enrich myself starting from this young age. Like any other in their 20s, life is like a puzzle and everyday is just about trying to survive and figure out what it’s all about! So, the posts you find here would probably be about the exciting things I encounter and the struggles I go through, hoping it’ll help someone out there (or at least be relatable so that they know someone else is experiencing it too). R

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